Ending exploitation in the fishing industry

IOM X works to raise awareness of and end human trafficking in the fishing industry.

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Prisana: An IOM X Music Video

Check out ASEAN's hottest awareness raising music video featuring Slot Machine, Mario Maurer, Mai Davika Hoorne and produced by Ananda Everingham.

Prisana Behind-the-Scenes

Check out what the stars of Prisana have to say about how important it is to them to take action against human trafficking!

I Care, Do You? An IOM X PSA

This awareness raising campaign wants to rock the world by raising awareness of human trafficking in the fishing industry.


Prisana tells the story of exploitative practices in the Asia Pacific fishing industry through an emotional love story between actors Mario Maurer and Mai Davika Hoorne. This is the couple’s first on-screen reunion since the hit movie Pee Mak.

The facts about fishing

Read and share these facts about human trafficking and exploitation in the fishing industry

Fishing is one of the biggest industries in Asia Pacific.

It is estimated that forced labour in the agriculture sector – which includes fishing – generates US$400 million in illegal profits annually in Asia Pacific.

An estimated 54.8 million people, many of them boys/men from developing countries, are working in the fishing industry worldwide, which includes 38.3 million fishing vessels at sea.

Fishers often face extremely difficult working conditions, including 18-20 hour workdays, food and water shortages, cramped living quarters and they are required to work when they are ill or tired.

Owners of fishing vessels are able to increase their profits by underpaying (or not paying) workers, forcing them to work long hours with no weekly day off, and not respecting safety laws.

Boat owners and managers sometimes prevent fishers from leaving through threats of financial penalty and/or violence. In some cases, victims are kept working on boats without pay for many years.

More and more, fishing vessels and crew need to go far from coasts to reach abundant fishing grounds. This isolation makes it easier to exploit workers.

An estimated 1 million people in Asia Pacific are victims of forced labour in the agriculture sector.

About the campaign

IOM X is the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) innovative campaign to encourage safe migration and public action to stop exploitation. The campaign leverages the power and popularity of media and technology to inspire young people and their communities to act against human trafficking. IOM X moves beyond raising awareness to effecting behavior change by applying a Communication for Development (C4D), evidenced-based and participatory framework to tailor messaging for its activities. Learn more at IOMX.iom.int