Open doors: exploitation of domestic workers

An estimated 1.9 million of the domestic workers in Asia Pacific are being exploited.


Open doors: Singapore

An incident at her daughter’s school makes Serene realize she has been treating her domestic worker too harshly.

Sebuah Harapan: An IOM X PSA

Employers in Indonesia are creating happy homes with their domestic workers through open communication and

Open doors: Thailand

Recently widowed with two children and a busy job, Krit puts his needs before his domestic worker’s and chaos ensues


“When my employer went on holiday they brought me back a small gift and I felt so good. Even though it is not much money, it makes us feel very happy to know that they thought about us while they were away. They took time for us.”

Champa, Myanmar national in Thailand

“When I have any problem in my work,i like to ask and discuss with my boss as soon as possible. And this is make me feel better after.”

Anandha, Indonesian in Singapore

“My current employer tells me in advance what her plans are so we can plan together what I need to do and vice versa.”

Zar Ni, Myanmar national in Thailand

“The relationship with my employer is good, they are like family. Whatever they eat I eat, whatever I cook we eat together.”

Yulietha, Indonesian in Singapore

“My employer is friendly and approachable. Before I started working, she showed me how to use everything in the house so I would know what to do. We talk to each other nicely and tell the truth. Being humble and kind is key.”

Jovy, Filipina in Singapore


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Migration of Indonesian domestic workers to Hong Kong SAR, China

Foreign domestic workers rights in Hong Kong

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