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Myth 1

Trafficking for sexual exploitation only happens to girls and women.

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Myth 2

Victims are usually kidnapped and their families don’t know what happened.

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Myth 3

Victims are usually physically trapped in situations of exploitation.

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Myth 4

If individuals are not being physically forced, then they must be there by choice.

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Myth 5

Demand from foreigners fuels trafficking for sexual exploitation in Southeast Asia.

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Myth 6

Victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation can only be found in brothels.

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Myth 7

Raids to rescue suspected victims always have positive consequences.

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Myth 8

Rescuing victims leads to a happy ending.

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About the campaign

IOM X is the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) innovative campaign to encourage safe migration and public action to stop exploitation. The campaign leverages the power and popularity of media and technology to inspire young people and their communities to act against human trafficking. IOM X moves beyond raising awareness to effecting behavior change by applying a Communication for Development (C4D), evidenced-based and participatory framework to tailor messaging for its activities. Learn more at