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This video is a drama on exploitation and human trafficking in the fishing industry in Thailand.

Mario Maurer plays a photographer on a mission to help a migrant woman find her husband, who is a victim of human trafficking in the fishing industry. Mario's work takes him away from his girlfriend, played by Mai Davika Hoorne Mai, causing tension in their relationship. Mai embarks on a learning journey to understand Mario's absence, and soon discovers the heroism in his fight against human trafficking.

This dramatic short video is a great way to introduce audiences to exploitation and human trafficking in the fishing industry and inform them about the pervasiveness of the issue. It can be used as a film to educate various audiences and inspire them to learn, share and take action. The use of top-tier Thai actors will help gather the attention of Thai audiences.

There is an extended version of the video (12min) featuring socially conscious Thai rockers, Slot Machine, singing the title track. The powerful visual of the band against the backdrop of a fishing port rife with human trafficking drives a powerful emotional journey for viewers. You can find the extended version here: