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The report describes the findings of an external evaluation of the IOM X Asia campaign. The evaluation, commissioned by IOM and USAID, was conducted in December 2018. The purpose was to document the relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of the campaign, and to identify any lessons learned and recommendations that can be used to strengthen IOM X’s future work.

Key findings and recommendations from the evaluation include:

  • On average, IOM X campaigns have resulted in approximately a 25 per cent increase of migration-specific knowledge among respondents. IOM X’s messages reached far beyond the geographic space of Southeast Asia.

  • IOM X has built the capacity of IOM staff and key stakeholders in their understanding and use of C4D approaches, with many IOM offices already using IOM X materials. IOM X materials should be thoroughly mainstreamed throughout all of IOM’s work.  

  • IOM X has proven to be highly adaptable and flexible to local contexts and particular realities. However, its sector specific approach and sensitivity to local languages are elements that hinder its replicability.

  • IOM X programming should focus on fewer but more impactful campaigns that include a stronger offline presence. IOM X should maximize its engagement with grassroots organizations and migrant networks.   

  • IOM X should strengthen its metrics to measure changes in behaviour by engaging with sample groups of stakeholders over a longer duration; promoting participatory monitoring; increasing the use of offline engagement techniques; and collecting data through partners and service delivery points.