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The report details the impact of IOM X's Prisana campaign. Before conducting an impact assessment for Prisana, the programme was informed by qualitative research, desk reviews and stakeholder recommendations. The objective of the video was to raise awareness about human trafficking in the fishing industry and for viewers to care enough to want to learn more via the IOM X website. After the launch of Prisana (May-June 2016), IOM X conducted a knowledge, attitude and intended practice (KAP) pre- and post-survey to assess the impact of Prisana: An IOM X Drama video, surrounding campaign activities, campaign execution and engagement. Survey respondents, Thai nationals aged 15-50, living in urban areas, were sourced through an online panel. The survey assessed KAP shift with regard to exploitation in the fishing industry. The survey also assessed awareness of human trafficking, former exposure to exploitation in the fishing industry, trusted sources of information and media consumption habits. Not only can this impact assessment help practitioners be better target the identified audience (urban Thais, aged 15-50) but providing information on media consumption, but can also give an overview as to what knowledge, attitudes and practices they may want to address when creating campaign targeting consumers of products from the fishing industry in Thailand. For a more details see the full report.