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This ready made presentation is the basis for a two day training of trainers on using Communication for Development (C4D) for safe migration and human trafficking prevention campaigns.

The training starts by teaching participants how to identify target audiences and explains the behaviour change journey and the importance of identifying knowledge, attitudes and intended practices. After learning to prioritize a desired behaviour change and identifying the barriers and enabling factors that can help and hinder accomplishing the desired behaviour change, the training explores how to carry out a campaign. Participants are taught how to identify trusted sources of interpersonal information and trusted sources of mass media. Next, the development of key messages and dissemination of these key messages are explored, as well as the importance of conducting pre-testing and monitoring and evaluation. The training is hands-on and filled with activities that allow participants to walk through all of these steps by applying each new session to a case study that is used as the basis of the training.


This presentation is to be used together with the facilitation guide for a two-day training of trainers.