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In September 2017, following the launch of Made, a five episode miniseries following the story of a family-run fashion company uncovering the use of human trafficking victims in their production line, IOM X conducted a knowledge, attitude and intended practice (KAP) study to assess the impact of the programme. The online survey respondents were young Filipinos (aged 18-25) living in Manila. The study included a pre and post survey, to assess the impact of the video and surrounding online campaign activities. The surveys assessed KAP shifts with regard to socially responsible purchasing and exploitation in the garment industry. The surveys also assessed awareness of human trafficking, previous exposure to exploitation in the garment industry and socially responsible purchasing, trusted sources of information and media consumption habits. This report also uncovers online reach of the series, adding valuable learnings on online distribution strategies. Overall, the findings from this summary report will be valuable to those aiming to target young Filipinos with information campaigns as it includes information on media consumption habits and trusted sources of information and to practitioners aiming to create content for consumers on labour exploitation and human trafficking in the manufacturing industry. A full report of the study is also available.