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This report is a summary of a knowledge, attitude and intended practice (KAP) study conducted in April 2015 with 324 participants via an online panel. Participants were all Indonesian nationals, evenly split between males and females. Age groups between 15-50 were targeted, with 50 per cent in the age group of 15-24, 35 per cent age 25-39 and 15 per cent of respondents aged 40-50. This research was used to inform the programme Open Doors, a video series on the treatment of domestic workers. This summary report highlights the study's findings on respondents' awareness of basic rights of domestic workers, what kinds of attitudes respondents have towards domestic workers, and what their intentional behaviour is towards the treatment of domestic workers. Additionally, the survey assessed trusted sources of information and media consumption habits. The findings of this report can help identify gaps, which can inform messaging and program strategy to help improve knowledge, attitudes and intended practices towards domestic workers in Indonesia. A full baseline report is also available.