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This is a summary report of the quantitative research conducted to assess the impact of Open Doors with a Thai audience, using knowledge, attitudes and intended practices (KAP) studies. After conducting an online pre-survey of 313 Thais (50% male, 50% female) aged 15-50 (50% of which were aged 15-24) in May 2015, a post-survey with 302 respondents of the same demographic was conducted in June 2016. The the surveys assessed the KAP levels of respondents with regard to domestic worker rights. This report summarized the impact that Open Doors had on Thai viewers in terms of shifting the target audiences' levels of knowledge, attitudes and intended practices towards domestic workers. This report and the full impact assessment, which is also available, details what shifts took place and where there is still room for engagement for any practitioners who intend to produce content or interventions on domestic workers for a Thai audience.