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In 2015 and 2016, IOM X conducted knowledge, attitude and intended practice (KAP) impact assessments of Open Doors in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Each of these assessments consisted of a baseline and impact study with nationals of these countries aged 15-50. The methodology used was an online panel with participants of similar background in both pre- and post-surveys. The objective of the video was to raise awareness of domestic worker exploitation and encourage employers of domestic workers to adopt practices to reduce exploitation. This report summarises the findings of each of the three reports and draws comparisons between the results of the three different countries in which the surveys were conducted. Practitioners who intend to create regional or national programmes promoting positive attitudes and treatment of domestic workers in these three countries will find this report helpful, as it highlights which aspects of knowledge on domestic workers rights and exploitation, positive attitudes and treatment of domestic workers can be strengthened. Summary and full reports of the KAP studies conducted for Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are also available.